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A homemade car show by, of, and for the people. Helping you have the most fun for your dollar in cars since 2016. Hosts: Meghann and Jim Hodgson.
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Apr 27, 2017

We recap our visit to the Mitty, which is always a good time, and play some sweet music we recorded there. 

Thanks to Ian and Justin for coming up and saying hello. Glad you're enjoying the videos guys. 

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Check out Paco Motorsports here:

Rock on!

Kookaburra sound:

Bavarian Folk:


Apr 20, 2017

Heading to the Mitty this weekend. That will be fun. Formula 1 streaming still sucks.

Porsche and Microsoft deal for Forza Horizon 3:

Screw you, Microsoft. Racing wheel doesn’t work.


Apr 13, 2017

We get into the dealer network and how they are screwing up the process of buying cars, not least of which being the Focus RS and special Mustang models. Even that is nowhere near as bad as the 2004-2006 GTO. What a joke, Barry! 

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Sarah Montgomery racing:

The New High-Performance Fords Could Fail the Same Way the Pontiac GTO Did
by Jack Baruth Road and Track

Forbes article on Tesla fight with dealership:

Lessons learned from the GTO flop:



Apr 6, 2017

It's Wednesday night, gang, and that means Crossthreaded podcast! Short episode this week because it's a very busy week for us but as always we are thrilled to hang with you. 

The Atlanta Bridge collapse:

Japanese sinkhole repair:

Thank you so much to Leo Wörteler for helping us out with our MP3 problem. We just decided to go with CBR. Maybe that's better? Hope so.

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