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A homemade car show by, of, and for the people. Helping you have the most fun for your dollar in cars since 2016. Hosts: Meghann and Jim Hodgson.
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Feb 16, 2017

Meghann and I got a chance to drive a new Subaru Outback owned by her parents. It yelled at us. The car yelled at us. 

Our guests are the Doyles, Lonnie and Adam, from Texas, who build the DF Goblin kit car: 

It's a super cool mid-engine rear-drive kit car which uses the Chevrolet Cobalt as a donor. We want one. Bad. 

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  • over seven months ago
    Dan Perry
    I enjoyed your show.

    I listened as I have a Goblin. On autonomous cars, I really don't enjoy being driven by ANYONE that I have not already had much experience with. Driving situational awareness of some computer geek writing code is an oxymoron. Talking cars - I would put a bullet through the speaker.

    You need to take a ride in Lonny's turbo Goblin. It will put a smile on your face that will take a year to erase.

    The week before I bought my Goblin (and drove two of their cars) I went to COTA for the AMG driving school where I drove EVERY AMG. Many laps of COTA in the GT. That was a blast.

    Then a week later I drove the Goblins, bought one on the spot. All the fun of the AMG GT that will work on the street. Takes a corner like it is stuck to the road. Accelerates like the GT. Just dosen't go 180+