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Dec 13, 2018

On this episode we delve into whether millennials are KILLING THE CAR. Answer? No. They're not.Wait, was I supposed to make you click first? Crap.

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Thank you a million times to everyone who has listened over the last two years. We look forward to bringing you more episodes in 2019! Have a great holiday season, guys!

Nov 29, 2018

Someone backed into Meghann's car and dented the bumper. It wasn't Jim, but Jim did make a TERRIBLE MISTAKE. Oops.

We also get to YAQAP (Your Autotmotive Questions Answered Poorly) among other things. Join us for some laughs.

Nov 20, 2018

A little slow on this one but thank you for joining us, people!

Bring back Momo slowmo!

Ocon crashes Verstappen out.

Gerard Butler lost his first generation Ford Bronco to the fire:

Toyota replacing melted Tundra owned by nurse in wildfires:

Nov 2, 2018

Bwoaaah, well it's the same for everyone. Yeah. Kimi won a race. unbelievable, right? We're pleased. 

Thank you so much for joining us for our car podcast. We hope you're digging it. 

Lexus built a ES 350 F sport with a wine fridge in the back:

Adam Carolla being a diaper baby:

Mazda have announced an EV for 2020 with a rotary engine range extender:

Oct 18, 2018

Your favorite (?) automotive podcast breaks down the subject of the W racing series with the benefit of the perspective of an Actual Female Person. We also get into a wacky Miata re-body and a wrap-up of our trip to Petit le Mans!

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Miata-based C1 Corvette Stingray thing?

W racing series:

All-female IMSA team with Katherine Legge:

Oct 4, 2018

Yes, you can reach the lofty royal heights of the Crossthreaded Charity Monarch! Listen for details on how to ascend.

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Car and Driver’s Alpha Romeo Giulia Quadrofoglio has spent a month in the shop:

Musk settles with the SEC:

Jalopnik says Kia Stingers are selling for cheap. Why does this make me sad?


Porsche have revealed a new 935. Basically a 911 GT2 RS but with fancy ass crabon fribe aero shit on it.


Sep 24, 2018

Yes, we will reveal what the future holds for you based on your car. It's 100% real and factual so don't look it up or question me (Jim) about this. 

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In this episode we also wrap up our track day at Barber Motorsports Park, plus tell you about new game called Wrench which will let you build an Exocet in virtual reality:

Porsche Dealer VP disappears with deposits for 911 GT3 and GT3RS:


Thanks for listening!

Sep 7, 2018

On this episode we’re gonna talk Lego, Indy, Massa, plus a perpetual mayonnaise machine! Thanks for listening!

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Lego built a Bugatti Chiron:

Indy fans got their underpants in a real twist over Massa's comments, but at least, since they’re a spec series, they all wear the exact same underpants.

Alonso’s Car bouncing off of Leclerc’s halo at spa:

Aug 23, 2018

Meghann reports in from her commute this week. We had a slight family emergency which absorbed a lot of our brains this week.

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We're thinking about Robert Wickens and his crash in Indy and wishing him a speedy recovery. Find out about his recent surgery here. Get well soon, bud!

Scientists turning fatbergs into biofuel:

Watch the Fatburg camera! FatCam:

Aug 9, 2018

We get into lots of stuff on this one guys, from track car safety to NASCAR's CEO getting busted for DUI, to car world politics. We are so thrilled to be able to have a laugh with you here and on the YouTubes! Thanks for listening. 

We got some stickers for free so we're sending them out to you for free. Just send us a SASE and we'll turn it around. Details in the pod or on YouTube.

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We also touch on some wackiness in Texas at a Ford dealership. The Jalopnik article is below.

Texas Auto Dealer & Ford Floorplan Loans By Ryan Felton at Jalopnik:

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Jul 26, 2018

Why can’t racing get back to production cars? Because racing is paid for by two things: advertising dollars and rich people who want to race! That said, Jim outlines his racing series.

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Dan Neil deletes twitter:

Dan’s review of the tesla on the Wall Street Journal:


Jul 12, 2018

We asked you whether you'd rather have a tricked out Jeep that never goes off road or a souped-up track car that never goes to the track and you responded. 

Thanks for participating and listening. We love you guys.

Jun 27, 2018

Welcome back, guys! In this episode we get into our latest video series, plus VW's Pikes Peak triumphs and legal problems. Also: Jim goes karting and is (predictably) terrible at it.

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Jun 14, 2018

In this episode we get to our Le Mans Picks. We hope we get to enjoy a little of the race, but as long as we're hoping, why not hope that Macron will fly us to the race next year? It could happen!

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We also address a few questions, like, is it better to spend $500/mo on a car or on a better home location?

When would you want to turn off traction control on an AWD car? Car Talk covered this:

Thanks to everyone for listening. We will talk to you on the next episode in 2 weeks!



Jun 1, 2018

Tonight we begin with a viewer question from Adam Ward. He also included some Douglas Adams HHGTTG jokes which we always appreciate. Thanks, Adam!

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President Trump reportedly poised to ban German luxury carmakers from US market:

A $523 monthly payment is the new standard for car buyers? And loans for 5-7 years? WHAT? NO.

May 16, 2018

In this episode we first hate on the Jeep Wrangler a bit, then get on to some Canadian hijinks, and finally answer our friend Adam’s question about the Exocet. Thank you for listening!

Canadian man changes his gender to get cheaper car insurance thread on Reddit:

Apr 25, 2018

Thanks for joining us on yet another podcast. On this episode, accolades and some shade toward the Prancing Moose of Sveden, plus some motor racing talk AND your questions (which you did not provide) answered!

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WeatherTech’s Carbon Fiber license plate frame $125:

Britain's safest car is the Volvo XC90 with no road deaths in 16 years:

Goodyear Asked A Judge To Call Jalopnik And Request They Not Publish Documents On Its Dangerous RV Tire:

How Goodyear Hid Evidence Of 'The Worst Tire Made In History' Linked To At Least 9 Deaths:

Rumblings that the MGU-H won’t be in F1 engines in 2021, opening the door for more engine manufacturers maybe:

Mar 21, 2018

Thanks for joining us again! We are very busy this year because Jim has taken on a big challenge for himself work wise but we still want to bring you podcasts.

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Roadkill leaves Youtube, keyboard warriors collectively shit their cargo shorts:

Mazda leads and sets lap record at Sebring:

Alpha Romeo Sauber best looking livery for this year’s Formula 1:

Stadium Super trucks Adelaide Race 3:

Thanks as always, guys!


Feb 7, 2018

Tonight we say goodbye to our team’s 24 Hours of Lemons racing car, with trackside audio.

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We also have an interview with auto journalist Eric Rood, aka The Rusty Hub. Find his work on Hooniverse here:

Superbowl Dodge ad used MLK speech which discouraged commercialism:

At this point it’s old news, but we get into the F1 grid girls discussion. They’re going to use Grid Kids instead:


Jan 21, 2018

Our buddy Ian was one of our first podcast guests. He returns to tell us the tale of racing the 50th anniversary running of the Baja 1000 desert race. 

It's quite a story and we're absolutely thrilled that we were able to catch Ian on his way to a kid's birthday party to tell us all about it. Listen in for one hell of a ride. 

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Jan 11, 2018

We are so pleased to be back after a long holiday break. Thank you for all your shout outs about the podcast, and thank you one billion times to our patrons for supporting us.

In this episode, Jim shows off his work-in-progress Adam Carolla impression and we get into this year in IMSA sports car racing with team Mazda and why you should be a fan.

Thanks for listening!

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Telenav announces in-car advertisements:

Mazda in IMSA, mixed results:

24 Hours of Lemons at Road Atlanta wrapup from Roadkill written by our good buddy Eric Rood: